About Music Spot

Music Spot is initiative by and for music lovers. Those who care about Music and Musicians.

The current trend of ever music streaming has not only compromised the quality of the music experience, it also compromised the income of musicians.


Musicians want to let you hear their music as they have intended it, sharing the emotions they want to convey. To do this effectively, physical formats like Vinyl and CD still outperform modern alternatives. While only with Vinyl and CD you end up actually ‘owning’ your music, while streaming services only offer you a license to use.


Unmistakable ‘there’ is music delivery via downloadable data-files. Although the majority is of the opinion that bits are bits, in practise (and theory) there are considerable quality differences between copied files and professionally made digital-masters and transfers.


Serious audiophiles invest serious money in their music systems, only to discover that it is hard to obtain quality software in India, and it is getting harder… Yes, there are online and physical record and CD’s stores in India, but the offerings are fragmented, and tend to cater only to specific audiences or distributors.


The same is true for audiophile music in downloadable format. On this website you will find the best.


Tech companies like Spotify have swooped in and set the negotiating terms in the music industry. Individual musicians have little to no leverage in their dealings with streaming platforms, despite the fact that their music makes those platforms run. As a result, the average revenue of artists has come down drastically. Convincing platforms to pay musicians more is a “pipe dream”.


Music Spot is concerned about these developments, and doesn’t want the music to die. The founding partners of Music Sport are all actively involved in music production and reproduction. 


Music Spot is an aggregation platform where Independent Artists and Distributors of music in physical (LP and CD) and high-quality digital formats, can sell their music directly to the public.  


Think of Music Spot as an Amazon for Music.


Like with Amazon, your orders are relayed to the individual artist and suppliers who will fulfil your order and deliver the music. If you are an artist or importer of music, contact us to join our movement.


Downloadable music is available directly for download after on-line payment in Red-Book or various high-res formats.


This online website is only one of our outward expressions. Expect Music Spot to be present at shows and other events were the music comes first. Jointly we hope to promote quality music, quality music formats and quality musicians to prevent the joy of music to disappear in mediocracy.Music Spot is an collaborative effort of music-stores in India. We jointly work together to present our music and products on this website.