Astor Piazzolla: Tangos del Ángel y del Diablo
Angels and Demons have always been an inspiration for narrators, writer, painters and musicians. Astor Piazzolla composed the first "Tango del 'Angél" in the late 1950s. Early in the 1960s, more angel tangos followed - "L'Introducción al Angél" and "Muerte del Angél", which were now also written for the 'classic' quintet. Maybe this reflects Piazzollas spiritual life, which was more related to angels than demons during this period, although both existed in his real life. During the 1960s, he wrote more angel and demon tangos, "Milonga del Angél" and "Resurrección del Angél", and the devil tangos "Tango del Angél', "Romance del Angél" und "Vayamos al Angél'". Although not created as a whole conceptual work or suite, the strength of each piece shows within the connection - 'simple' tangos of a unique simplicity, but brilliant in their essence. Tango is dance, tango is music, tango is art - an infinite love for art is what connects the performers of ChamberJam Europe and what is essential for each musician and his instrument. I had the fortune to meet Astor Piazzolla in person. His idea about his music was to trascend time and frontiers. Everything is bound to transform. We are part of this journey with an hommage to angels and demons. Marcelo Nisinman

Astor Piazzolla: Tangos del Ángel y del Diablo

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