Debussy / Brahms / Bartok: Sonatas For Violin And Piano
»This is perhaps the most exquisitely natural recording ever made. All in all, this Wilson record is a triumph of the analog recording art.« — International Audio Review »Perhaps the most transcendent of David Wilson's brilliant recordings, this remarkable album of solo violin accompanied by piano comes as close to putting the two performers in the listening room as any ever made,« writes The Absolute Sound, of "Sonatas for Violin & Piano". Recorded on Wilson's Ultramaster Recorder, built by John Curl, and using a spaced pair of Schoeps microphones driving vaccum tube electronics, the recording has a close perspective that heightens transparency and engagement as well as wonderfully capturing the beautiful tonality of Abel's Guarnerius violin and Steinberg's Hamburg Steinway without exaggering their size. »The duo performs these works as if they are one.« — The Absolute Sound, July/August 2013

Debussy / Brahms / Bartok: Sonatas For Violin And Piano

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