Die Röhre / The Tube
Q: Just what's going on here? No conductor? No transistors (=semi-conductor)? A: New recordings and new old techniques. About 50 years ago the transistor was invented - and it changed our world! No computer, no piece of household equipment can be imagined without it. But what about audio technique? We were curious. Did something get lost? And if so, what? And then - a CD or LP without transistors? Is that feasible? "Looking backwards for Progress - ... one of the most realistic classical recordings ever. And how come? - ... The question as to whether the intoxicating, natural and powerful sound is due in the main to a transistor-free, analogue recording or to an equally careful and puristic interpretation remains redundant when listening. The Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra performs these Italian works from the pre-Classical era with glorious sturdiness; one can just picture Biber's beer-swilling and grotesque "Battaglia" while Handel's Concerto Grosso Op. 6 No. 2 is beautifully pastoral. A Baroque delight." FonoForum, 2/2000, Uwe Schlink

Die Röhre / The Tube

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