Elvis Presley: Stereo '57 (45rpm-edition)
"Stereo '57 - The Essential Elvis Volume 2" is the second album in the Elvis Presley Essential series and features songs recorded by Elvis Presley on January 12, 13 and 19, 1957. The word 'essential' has two meanings: one is 'indispensable', the other 'being a part of the essence of something'. This second meaning characterizes RCA's Essential Elvis series, a vehicle for the release of Presley's alternate takes. Through these releases, listeners hear Presley at work, refining band arrangements and working through the nuances of his vocal performance. In short, the series reveals the 'essence' of Presley by documenting a great musician engrossed in the creative process. Volume Two documents a January 1957 session at which Presley produced material for two EPs and the "Loving You" soundtrack. There are a number of first and second takes, during which Presley and his backing musicians make tentative passes at the material. As the record progresses, arrangements take shape and Presley, growing more confident that a keeper take is imminent, sings with more enthusiasm. Throughout, Presley is heard directing the proceedings and demonstrating a lot of 'aw shucks' charm in the process, goofing with band members and laughing through his and others', flubs. For serious Elvis fans and anyone else interested in the creative process, Volume Two meets the first definition of 'essential' as well as the second: it's indispensable stuff.

Elvis Presley: Stereo '57 (45rpm-edition)

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