Gil Evans: New Bottle Old Wine
If you have admired Gil Evans’ arrangements on the Miles Davis recordings, you owe it to yourself to check this out. These recordings help make the case that Gil Evans was one of the great jazz arrangers of all time. Gil Evans always manages to communicate with sophistication and nuance, and on these sessions he manages to have fun as well. This is a LP of Gil Evans re-arranging classic jazz standards like "St. Louis Blues", "King Porter Stomp", and "Lester Leaps". It's so interesting to be listening to these records nearly 50 years after they were made. This was a 'modern' take on jazz tunes that even then were considered classics. Hearing them now, it's like listening to one set of Old Masters interpreting an even more distant set of Old Old Masters. It's a LP that you can enjoy as a peek into modern jazz of the late 50's, or as a set of very interesting big band orchestrations. An absolute jazz classic.

Gil Evans: New Bottle Old Wine

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