Gregg Allman: Midnight Rider a.o. (12", 45rpm-edition)
Gregg Allman's 1973 solo album debut also became his biggest hit, featuring his Top 20 chart classic "Midnight Rider". From the Analogue Productions sparkling "Laid Back" reissue now comes a 12-inch single featuring two classic cuts from that esteemed LP. Side one is "Midnight Rider", side two is "These Days". Cut at 45rpm for reduced distortion and better high frequency reproduction. Gregg Allman's pained, growling voice joins with horns and gospelish backing vocals to add a personal, often mournful feel on songs on "Laid Back". Radio response was strong to the opening track, the loping remake of "Midnight Rider". It's a convincing version of the man's music. »It's one of the most iconic, universally-recognized, most-played songs there is. But it's also one of the best-recorded examples of a big-time hit,« Acoustic Sounds/Quality Record Pressings owner Chad Kassem says. »It's never sounded better than this, cut at 45rpm and on its own 12-inch record side.«

Gregg Allman: Midnight Rider a.o. (12", 45rpm-edition)

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