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Store Policies

Music Spot is an initiative by and for music lovers. Those who care about Music and Musicians.

Due to the vinyl revival, the demand for new records now largely exceeds the current production capacity. That means that everyone is fighting for the same records worldwide. 

The pressing plants produce records in batches, which are then distributed to the various sales channels both off- and on-line. Pressing plants can stop re-pressing releases without notice.


This all means that lead times can be considerable, sometimes months. At Music Spot you will get your records (eventually) or you will receive your money back. However we might fulfil your order in parts. Vinyl (and other products) you order will be shipped to you as soon as we received them (normally 5-6 weeks). If part of your order is in back-order with our suppliers, we will only ship what we received.


Any missing records / products will be shipped to you separately. If records you ordered have been taken out of production, we will inform you and refund the full amount paid for these records.


Records require special care with regard to packing and handling. Both on import and local shipping, and this cannot be done cheap when done right. Records are heavy and sensitive, so we use specialised boxes to ship our records. The whole process of sorting, packing and shipping records is time-consuming and we do this all ourselves.

Nevertheless we offer FREE SHIPPING! for orders over Rs. 5000.

All prices on the site are inclusive of 18% GST.


Discount is available for single orders exceeding Rs. 50K. Contact Us.

If you have any questions about our store don't hesitate to contact us.